Kids to Love: Pioree


Pioree is 10 and in the 4th grade.

 He says: “It’s alright, it’s better than 3rd grade I know that.”

His favorite subject is math.

“I love to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.”  He said.

He makes mostly A’s.

Lee asks:  “Do you have to study a lot or does it just come natural?”

Pioree answers: “Come natural… just look at it…comes in my head.”

Lee asks: “How long have you been in foster care?”

Pioree answers: “6 years.”

Lee asks: “What’s the hardest part about it?”

Pioree answers: “Not seeing your mother or your family.”

Lee asks: “Do you know what the word adoption means?”

Pioree answers: “Yes, it means that somebody wants to keep you for the rest of your life and love you.”

I want somebody to live with me, to encourage me to pay football and stuff like that…

I want a family.”

 Some exciting news to share about Kids to Love!

This weekend WHNT News 19 was recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Science with an Emmy award for Community Service for Kids to Love.

WHNT News 19 brought home 2 Emmy’s this weekend!

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