New Insurance Law Causing Headaches For Tag Renewals

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-A new law on car insurance in Alabama may be having some unintended consequences for drivers who are trying to renew their car tags.

Madison County License Director Mark Craig told WHNT News 19 that some people have experienced long lines and multiple trips to his office during the first few weeks of this year. The confusion apparently stems from a new law designed to protect Alabama motorists from uninsured drivers.

Starting on New Years Day, officials across the state began using a new e-verify system that will instantly let them know if someone in a traffic stop, or license plate office, is properly insured.  But Craig said car tag applicants must now bring physical copies of their insurance cards, along with drivers license copies for every motorist listed on a family policy. Officials say many people are not doing that, causing repeat trips to the office, or returned form letters in the mail.

"Lots of times if they don't have the proper documents, they have to leave and come back," said Craig. "Please bring your insurance cards with you in case the system does not automatically verify where we can enter your information in. Also, if there's two names on the registration, we need both peoples' driver license numbers and expiration dates...We're in the business of issuing registrations, we do not want to turn you away."

Craig said his office will be mailing out a small insert card with February's renewal reminders. The card will list the documents you need to bring or mail in to renew your car tag.