GOP Lawmakers Release 2013 “We Dare Defend Our Rights” Agenda

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As we near the start of another Legislative session, the Alabama House Republican Caucus has revealed their agenda for the upcoming year. This year they aren`t shying away from the tough topics.

Gun control, abortion, health care, and education are all addressed in the Dare Defend Our Rights agenda.

Representative Mac McCutcheon, recently appointed Chairman of the Rules Committee, says a proposed constitutional amendment would provide the protection the state needs from Federal scrutiny, with regards to 2nd amendment rights.

"We want to make sure in Alabama that our constitutional right, our 2nd Amendment right, is protected in ever way possible a state can do that."

Lawmakers will also bring their ideas to the table on how to best protect Alabama schools. Some ideas already proposed include increasing bus trespassing laws and placing armed officers on campuses.

Not to be forgotten this year, Legislation protecting businesses who choose not to provide birth control coverage for religious reasons, education reform focusing on vocational training, and addressing how to save Alabama's Medicaid program.

"We've got to find a way to fund it and get health care to these individuals on Medicaid," said McCutcheon. "but we cannot let it break the state."

Lawmakers reconvene in Montgomery on February 5th.