Two Arrested After Woman’s Good Deed

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - A Florence woman’s good deed to a complete stranger takes a turn for the worst.

Police have arrested a man for cleaning out the bank account of the very woman who was trying to help him get back on his feet.

It was close to Thanksgiving when a woman who lives along Sweetwater Avenue had a chance encounter with a homeless man in Florence.

Police say she offered to give the man a place to stay and a few weeks later, investigators say the man brought in another person to stay in the home.

That’s when police say the victim’s life got turned upside down.

“She let them stay at her house for about a month, and during that time he let one of his friends come over,” said Florence Police Detective Jerry Pearson. “She would go places and they would be in the house, well they got her checking account number and her routing number, and took $10,000 out of her bank account by using pay-pal and direct deposits.”

Police say they have brought two men to justice in this theft case.

45-year old Michael Shane Canaday was arrested during a traffic stop in a stolen truck.

Canaday is facing numerous charges that include theft of property and identity theft.

Police say early Wednesday afternoon, 34-year old Christopher Ryan Marsh was taken into custody in Jefferson County.

Marsh is also facing numerous charges by police.

“We deal with these schemes all the time unfortunately. That’s why people have to be so careful with who’s in their house and what they do with their personal information. There are people out there looking to take advantage of you,” said Pearson.

In addition to the stolen money, police say the duo racked up numerous charges on the victim’s credit cards.