Pay It Forward: Michael Moore

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - This week's Pay It Forward is about a 22 yr. old veteran of the war in Afghanistan. Teresa Kirkpatrick tells us about Michael Moore, a former student of hers at Lee High School.

"I called him one day and said how are you, I hear you are home and he said well, I'm ok, but kind of busy, I'm in the middle of something," she said.

That something included keeping his in-laws from becoming homeless. Teresa says Michael came home to find his in-laws being evicted from their house.  His father-in-law has been unemployed since May and his mother-in-law is disabled. 

Michael generously gave his last paycheck from the Army to his in-laws, then secured a U-Haul trailer, collected their things which were being put out on the street and found a temporary home for the family. He did this despite searching for a place of his own.

But that's not all he did.

"He found the father-in-law a job," Teresa said.  He's just an awesome young man.  He's my hero."

Michael was very much surprised by us Paying It Forward to him, but was also very level-headed about it.

"Probably go into savings, to be honest with you I'm trying to get started in school with my G.I. Bill and I want to make sure I have enough money built up in case the G.I. Bill can't pay all the bills I have," he said.  "I'm also trying to save up enough to buy a different car. "

Michael and his wife have a new baby and their car is too small.

"I'm trying to provide for them and right now I think the best thing I can do is save as much money as I can to prepare for what's to come in our future."

Words of wisdom from a young man wise beyond his years

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