Kids to Love: Meet K.K.

K.K. is 12 and in the 7th grade.

K. K. said "Favorite subject I would say math right now."

She also likes art!

"I like to draw with pencil." K.K. added.

She likes to draw people, and hopes to make a career of it someday.

She shares "An artist, I might sell my art, my pictures."

K.K. and her sister are in foster care.

'It's not really that hard, you get the stuff you need...not that big deal really..." she says..

But K.K., like every child in foster care, needs the love and stability a family can bring.

It wouldn't be hard for draw a picture of her in a forever family.

She describes what it would look like: "I'm not very picky about family, but it's just all I need is most a family and home really. I'm not looking for a particular family.. a family I know will take care of me and stuff, so that's really it."

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