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Arab Creates Downtown Historic District

ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) -   The Arab City Council has created a downtown historic district.   The council approved the measure last week.   The district is intended to improve the downtown area, but giving the people who live and work there a larger voice.

"It's extremely important," says Teresa Willis, owner of the L' Rancho Restaurant.  "Not just because I make a living here.  Because you don't want a little place like this or any of the other businesses downtown to be forgotten. "

The district will also come with a new commission made up of the homeowners and business owners who live inside it.  They will get to vote on whether certain improvements can be made, so that radical changes can't come to the area.

"I think that with the right people in the right spot, that they can only do us well," Willis says.  "And guide us in the direction we need to go as far as appearance."

While the commission is being organized, there is a 90 day moratorium on any changes or additions to buildings in downtown.


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