Find Reports from State Health Department Investigations

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - There are procedures in place to protect people who live in assisted living facilities. A recent report released by the state's health department on Agape Village II in Hazel Green proves rules are not always followed.

A 68-page report is causing a headache for the people who run Agape Village II. The report's detail are shaking those who know residents at the Hazel Green facility.  The report and others like it cane be found online.

The reports are listed under the Health Providers Section of the Alabama Department of Public Health's website. You can find it by clicking onto and searching 'Alabama Nursing Home Report'. The information you might be looking for can be found by selecting the result mentioning 'ADPH Employee I-Notes'.
You should move the cursor down the list of facilities investigated by the state's department of health. Click on the facility you are researching.

Attorney Michael Timberlake recently talked with about the report saying four Agape Village II residents were abused.

"These investigations come out all the time. They are not like this," said Timberlake.

The state is required to post the reports. Timberlake says one of the abused resident's family is glad to know. Timberlake says the family was not told about the problems at Agape Village II. The family found out on their own.

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