Robots & Recycling in Limestone County

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When it comes to recycling plastics… it’s not the color… but the code you have to look for.

These Athens Middle School students got a life lesson in plastics at the Recycling Center.

It’s hands on experience.. field study they will use to build their robot.

Jennifer Kennedy is their teacher: “Now they are going to be able to recycle plastics, these are models of what we think we can do in the future.  The kids are thinking ahead about how we can use robotics and technology of how you can help the environment in the future.”

Streamlining sorting with robots will make it easier for humans to recycle.

Jennifer adds “We can all do more about recycling especially when we’re looking at plastics.  It is so easy to take a plastic bottle and throw it in the trash when we’re done with it, but if we took the extra steps and helped recycle it, we could save money, we could save resources and we could make this a much nicer place to live.”

For the robotics team… it’s seeing just how much work a robot will do.

Eighth grader Ramsey Scott shares “We’ve seen it takes a lot of work to sort plastics and if we could use robots to do it, it would make it quicker and more efficient.”

Real world needs today.. for robots of the future.

Kennedy:  “I want the kids to come away with the experience today with an appreciation of what goes into recycling and how we really in North Alabama have all the facilities to do what we need to do to make plastics into something new.”