Restaurant Ratings: Raw Meat with Cooked Food … Roaches A La Mode

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

La Noche Buena (Meat) at 1109 Jordan Lane in Huntsville: Score of 74

  •  Raw animal food and ready-to-eat food were stored together in the walk-in-cooler and the meat display cooler.
  •  The slicer was not cleaned properly between the slicing of different types of meat.           
  •  Roaches were present on the wall next to the mop sink.

Repeat Offenders

Southern Fixin at 9565 Highway 53 in Ardmore: Score of 79

  • There is no vacuum breaker on a hose.                                                 
  • The can opener blade is dirty and worn.      

October 25th Report: Southern Fixin Steakhouse & Buffet at 9565 Highway 53 in Ardmore with a score of 84.

  • Cold holding: Foods (such as hot dogs at 46 degree) did not meet temperature requirements.

Bama Grocery at 2310 University in Huntsville:  Score of 83

  • The interior of the ice machine is dirty.                                                      

November 1st Report: Bama Grocery at 2310 University Drive in Huntsville: Score of 81          

  • Black Slime was discovered on in the interior of the ice machine.

Golden Spoon Award

Zen-Beri at 1241 Point Mallard Parkway in Decatur: Score of 99          

Keep in mind, at all restaurants in the state of Alabama, a satisfactory score is 85 or above.  A score of 59 or less would result in an immediate suspension of a restaurant’s food permit and they would close.

An establishment that scores below 85 is required to correct their critical violations within 24 to 48 hours and be re-inspected within 60 days.  A score of below 60 results in closure and the establishment will not be allowed to legally re-open until all critical violations are abated and their inspection score is 85 or above.

The Alabama Department of Public Health posts restaurant ratings on its website.  Search for your favorite restaurant now and find out their score.