Madison City Schools Weighing Options For New School Calendar

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The Flexible School Calendar Act of 2012 was passed into law last May. Now leaders in the Madison City School District are weighing equally unpleasant options for how to fit 180 school days between August 19th and Memorial Day.

In a work session earlier this week, the district leaders considered options that would keep kids in school until December 23rd and have them back in classes on January 3rd. Other ideas include no longer getting classes off the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, or getting Labor Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day holidays.

"We're seeking as much input from our stakeholders as we can," said Dennis James, the Director of Student Services and Safety. "We want to talk to parents and employees to get their preferences."

James says none of the options are popular, and all will be inconvenient.

"There is not a good option out there," said James. "I get the same response from everyone, but it is the law. We have to make it fit so they're forcing us into a calendar we personally do not like."

James says the district is working with Huntsville City Schools and the Madison County School District in hopes of agreeing on similar schedules for the kids.