Madison City Elementary Schools Facing Overcrowding, Rezoning

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It's one of the fastest growing cities in Alabama, so it may be no surprise that the Madison City School District is facing a bit of overcrowding.

In the last two years, Madison City Schools added 700 new students, now Mill Creek Elementary and Columbia Elementary schools are over capacity.

District leaders have proposed rezoning the elementary school districts to more evenly distribute the children among the 7 elementary schools.

"We feel that for an elementary rezoning if we can get three or four years where that zone is valid, then that's a good rezoning," said Dennis James, Director of Student Services and Safety.

The last elementary school rezoning was four years ago, when Mill Creek opened.

District leaders hope to have a rezoning plan in place by Spring Break of this year, so it could be implemented in the 2013-2014 school year.

No plans to build a new elementary school are on the table yet, but James says in the coming years they will have to consider building a new school or expanding on the existing ones.