Limestone County: Sisk Wants 2 New Schools, Improvements At Others

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - The Limestone County Town of Elkmont may be getting a new elementary school. In fact, two new schools and a host of capital improvements at other county schools may be on the horizon. Limestone School Superintendent Dr. Thomas Sisk says he'll present his capital improvements plan to the school board one week from today.

"And the bottom line is some of our schools have been neglected over the years," Sisk told WHNT News 19 Thursday. He says there are a number of county schools in need of repair, improvements and modernization. Sisk says maintaining the school system is crucial for the county's continued growth.

"When someone moves into an area, be it a business or an individual, and they have school aged children associated, one of the first questions they ask is what about the schools," Sisk said. The capital improvement plan calls for a new gym at Ardmore High School as well as major improvements at Clements High School, Owens Elementary and West Limestone Elementary.

Regarding new construction, Dr. Sisk says he's going to propose building a new elementary school in the Town of Elkmont, and quite possibly a new middle school in the East Limestone area.

"It's also important to me, as a superintendent, that we also look at making investments in programs like our career technical education center," Sisk said.

The price tag on the capital improvements plan would be between 35-and-40 million dollars, money the system would borrow in the bond market. For now he says it's just a plan, an idea for the future of the school system. 

Dr. Sisk says he'll also propose the system set aside the funding for a school resourse officer for each of the county's schools. He says he's asking the county commission to help with that expense.