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Monopoly Game Piece To Be Retired; You Decide Which One

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Hasbro is inviting fans of the iconic game to vote using Facebook or Twitter through Feb. 5 decide which Monopoly game piece should be retired to make room for a new token.

As a part of “Save your Token,” fans will decide if the, Scottie dog, battle ship, top hat, race car, wheelbarrow, iron, thimble or shoe should be retired or placed in “jail.”

Fans will then vote for a new game piece. The choices include a diamond ring, toy robot, cat, guitar or helicopter.  If you’d like to vote, go to Monopoly’s Facebook Page or by using the Twitter hashtag, #tokenvote, to share their opinion.

We’ve posted pictures of the old and new pieces here.  Vote in the polls below to tell us which old one you’d like to see go, and which new one you’d like to see added!