Florence Police Inform Residents When People Get Released From Prison

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - Community members often forget about a case after a person gets sentenced to prison.  Florence Police say this can be a safety concern, especially when the offender gets released from jail.

Florence Police investigator Brad Holmes updates the department's Facebook page every day with traffic alerts, recent crimes, and safety tips.   

Now as part of the page, community members can also find out when a convicted felon may be back on the streets.

"We feel like we have an obligation to our community to let these people know when these individuals are being released from custody," said Holmes.

The state Department of Pardons and Parole must notify every police department in the state when offenders are up for probation.   

As the site administrator, Holmes started listing this information online, along with details about the crime, and the sentence.

Holmes says releasing offenders back into society can raise safety concerns.

"We always hope the prison system does it job in rehabilitating individuals, we want people to go to jail and come out and be a contributing member of society.  Unfortunately that's not the case a lot of time.  The recidivism rate is very high," said Holmes.

Holmes says logging these posts on Facebook also keeps the offender accountable.