Animal Love & Therapy Partners Inc.

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Therapy Partners, Inc. is dedicated to serving the community by providing professionally trained and certified teams of handlers and animals to work as a therapeutic tool in hospitals, schools, long-term care facilities and other appropriate settings, as requested. They provide goal-oriented interactions designed to benefit patients, residents, and students.

Programs include:

            (1) PAW (Partners in Wellness)

            (2) PAL (Partners in Literacy)

            (3) PIC (Partners in the Community

            (4) WAGS (Wait + Ask + Greet Safely)

            (5) Rapid Response Teams

Therapy Partners' spring fundraiser, the annual Dog Trot, will be March 16th, 2013 at John Hunt Park's Cross Country Track area.

To get involved with Therapy Partners, Inc. call: (256) 881-5700