Madison Mayor Looks Forward to 2013

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Elected in August, sworn into office in November, he had to hit the ground running. That’s exactly what Madison mayor Troy Trulock did. WHNT News 19 sat down with the mayor to see what’s down the road for this political newcomer. Mayor Trulock says his first couple of months in office is exactly what he expected. “We had a great transition between Mayor Finley and myself so that helped,” Trulock told us. “So it wasn’t just walking in to the door cold. I mean, it was literally a good transition and it’s been fantastic.“

Already, he is seeing the good and the bad of being a politician and a leader. Mayor Trulock says, “The difficult moment is you need to set your budget and that’s always difficult. Coming in, we had new city council members. Four of our seven city council members are new so we all had to kind of get spun up on the budget. That was a little tough work to go through but as a team, with our department heads, we were successful. That was a tough one.”

On the other hand, he’s excited about his predecessor, Paul Finley, burying the hatchet with Huntsville mayor Tommy Battle and then Madison County Commission chairman Mike Gillespie. He’s says the relationship those three built while in office, continues. “There have been several incidences since where I was at an event and I was able to speak on behalf Mayor Battle for the city of Huntsville as well as the city of Madison,” says Trulock. “That relationship is still there and thriving.”

Mayor Trulock says it’s absolutely critical Madison, Huntsville and Madison County continue to work together to do what’s in the best interest of the Tennessee valley. While he’s only about two months into his term, I asked him what he really hopes to accomplish the next four years. “Wow. I’m still trying to figure out the first two months, let alone four years,” he said. “Clearly, Madison has been a very successful city, great quality of life. Mayor Findley in our previous administration did a phenomenal job and we want to keep that going. The city of Madison is known for its quality of life, it’s education and in four years from now, we want to be even bigger and better than we are today.”

In the spirit of the holidays, we asked the mayor what he wanted for Christmas. His answer was short and to the point. It’s something we’d all enjoy. He told us, “All I want for Christmas is peace and harmony in our Tennessee Valley.”

And when we asked him to finish the statement, in 2013, I resolve to, he responded by saying, “ I resolve to improve the quality of life for our city and for our citizens in Madison. Again, teamwork with our Tennessee Valley is important but our citizens love our city because we have leadership in place, both our department heads, our city council and our mayor that focus on quality of life and we want to continue to do that whether it’s roads, parks and recreation, green space or education. Quality of life is critical for our city so that’s my top priority.”
Mayor Trulock says while he was running for office, one thing people who call Madison home kept bringing up was roads. He says that will be a priority as well. And in the next six to eight months, you’ll see some work happening with Madison roads.