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Krystal Murder Suspect Denied Youthful Offender Status

DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - A judge has denied youthful offender status for one of the three people accused in the 2011 murders at Krystal in Decatur.

Ezekiel Gholston was 20 years old when the Krystal restaurant on 6th Avenue in Decatur was robbed in August of 2011.  Two employees were shot to death during that robbery.

Morgan County Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson denied Gholston's application for youthful offender status on Wednesday.

Gholston is scheduled to be arraigned January 30.  He remains in the Morgan County Jail, along with two other suspects, 23-year-old Cassandra Eldred and 22-year-old Jordan Creque. All three are charged with capital murder and are being held without bond.


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