Fire Damages Madison County Deputy’s Home

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Brent Beavers got an unwelcomed vistor at his home Thursday when a fire stormed throughout the house. The belongings inside the home are gone, but the Madison County Sheriff's Deputy's home still stands.

Many know Beavers is a survior. An accused thief shot Deputy Beavers in the line of duty about a year ago. Beavers is also a fire victim.

"I walked up, opened the door and there was nothing but smoke. I was coughing and looking for my dog, but she didn't come out," said Beavers.

Most wouldn't see the damage by just looking at his home. Beavers didn't know it until he got closer.

Thursday's fire forced darkness into Beavers' home. The deputy found a bright spot. He stopped at his burned couch.

"It`s the first place I sat when I came home last year from being shot. I sat down, had a good cry and realized I am blessed. This very day I look at the same couch and know I am still blessed," added Beavers.

The property in the home is gone, but the home's four walls stand.

"It means nothing in my life can be broken.I`ve got God on my side and a great support structure," added Beavers.

The fire took away an important piece of the BeaversFamily foundation. Smoke inhalation killed the dog.

"We lost a family member in losing the pet, but my family and friends are all okay. No one was hurt responding. So, life goes on," added Beavers.

Beavers is looking forward to Christmas.

"It`s going to be great because I get to spend it with my family. There`s nothing that can change that or take it away from me God-willing. These are just things," added Beavers.

The Madison County Fire Marshal has ruled the fire at Beavers' home accidental. Bobby Rollins says the dog knocked the lamp over and onto the couch.