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Community Clashes Over Strip Club Liquor License

In a 5-0 vote, the Huntsville City Council voted to once again deny the owner of Volcano 256 strip club a liquor license.

The club's owner, Daryl Williams, has been renovating the old Silver Dollar strip club at the University Plaza Shopping Center over the past two years. The decision went to the council after the liquor review committee denied Williams a permit for his club.

At the meeting Thursday evening, the community clashed over the strip club's operation.

"The Cat and Mouse can have liquor, but this man can't? That doesn't make any sense," said one resident, in support of the club. The Cat and Mouse is a bar in the same plaza as Volcano 256.

"We all have morals and while some of us may not want to go there, we don't have to," argued Lucien Blankenship, one of Williams' lawyers. "But based on law they have a right to be in that plaza."

Legal or not, people who live in the communities surrounding the plaza came out in full force to voice their concerns about the club, ranging from crime rates, to a nearby elementary school, to public safety.

"Mr. Williams has a right to petition and start a business, I'm for that freedom, but we have a right in that community to say 'please, we don't want it in that area'," said one resident.

In the end Councilman Will Culver shared very little of his own opinion about the strip club, but instead stood by the response he received from constituents at a Tuesday town hall meeting.

"I regret this business owner expended a bunch of money and his liquor license was denied by our liquor review committee. I do regret that, But with regards to all of that, i represent the interests of the district," said Culver.

Williams' lawyers did not want to issue a statement immediately after the vote.

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