Click Picks: Bow And Drape Custom Clothing

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To get a perfect fit, clothing shoppers typically have to fork over extra cash for a tailor to rework something they bought off the rack. The fortunate have enough money to order custom suits or dresses from a local seamstress.

Enter the Internet – where the rules of “custom clothing” are chaning. Bow & Drape, a clothing store out of Boston, MA now offers custom orders through its website. Shoppers can design their very own garments, using several “classic silhouettes” as a template. The customer selects the fabric and color, submits their measurements, and can even add on custom detailing.

Base prices range from about $50 to just over $300 depending on the item of clothing selected. To guarantee a sure fit, Bow & Drape also offers an At-Home Fit Kit with swatches and other dressmaking so you can get a sense of your size and order with confidence – at no extra cost.

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