Sweet Baby Jesus Swiped

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT)--A prank proved harmless after sweet baby Jesus and other assorted fiberglass farm animals and wise men came up missing in Madison over the weekend.

Madison resident Tamra Koger says a neighbor sent a text in the wee hours of the morning Saturday saying someone was outside her home loading her nativity set into a pickup truck.

"So we jumped out of bed half asleep," Koger explains, "and ran outside and sure enough every single piece was gone. We thought someone one day might steal baby Jesus and take pictures on vacation with it or something, you know how people are, but we never thought someone would take every piece to the nativity set."

But the nativity heist is not the most surprising part of the story--it is where the biblical figurines ended up that will really have you scratching your head.

sbj"It was taken to Bob Jones High School where they got into the school and then set the whole scene up in a classroom just like it is supposed to be," explains Madison Police Department Sergeant Drew Westrope.

Even though the nativity scene was returned with no damage to the owners before lunch Tuesday, they say they remain just as puzzled as ever.

"When he said it was in a classroom I was just blown away," says Tamra Koger. "I'm completely confused and would love to know the story behind why they did that," laughs Koger.

A nativity scene in a classroom--hilarious, right? Well, not so much so for Madison Police.

"You know it was kind of waste of man power and time and stuff because we do have more important things to worry about," explains Sergeant Westrope, "but with this one it was kind of creative and funny and no damage to the property so no harm no foul."

No harm, no foul--unless, of course you take into consideration that whole naughty list thing. Pranksters may find coal in their stockings this year, but Tamra Koger says she has no hard feelings.


"No, I would like them never to do it again," snickers Koger, "but it has tickled us, we have gotten a big kick out of it but we are extremely glad to have it back in the yard and now we have surveillance cameras to watch over it."

Madison Police as well as Bob Jones High School principal Robby Parker agree no charges or disciplinary actions will be taken against the unknown pranksters.