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State To Study Dangerous Stretch of Interstate 65

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Just south of mile marker 319 on Interstate 65 in south Morgan County, there's a two-bridge S-curve. You can still see the signs of damage from two recent wrecks on the S-curve. Two people died. 

"This stretch of road is very dangerous," says Falkville Police & Fire Chief Chris Free. He should know, because he's worked numerous bad wrecks on this same piece of interstate.

Working to try to make this S-curve safer, WHNT News 19 took action and invited State Senator Arthur Orr, along with Chief Free, to meet us at site of the recent wrecks.  Senator Orr and the Chief both believe drivers should have to slow down in this area, where the speed limit is currently 70 miles per hour.

Senator Orr is doing something to make that happen.

"I've already contacted the Department of Transportation. They're getting someone up from Montgomery. Their safety expert from Montgomery to evaluate the status of the road," said Senator Orr.

The state study should determine of the current speed limit is too fast for this part of the highway.  It has to be undertaken if there's to be any chance of slowing the speed.

"Speed reduction, some signs that say slow down, that needs to be done at the very least," says Chief Free.

A similar study a few years ago led to a speed reduction and warning signs on I-65 just south of the Alabama-Tennessee state line. This new study will likely take several weeks.

Senator Orr promises to stay on top of it, and make sure any safety changes that arise from it, happen as soon as possible.