Limestone County Bridge Scares Drivers

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - It's just a small bridge over a creek in Limestone County, but drivers who use it are worried.

"Every day I cross that bridge, I say to myself, Oh Lord, get me across this again," said Ernest Moss.  He drives a big pickup truck pulling a trailer carrying his mowers, and crosses the bridge on Grigsby Ferry Road every day.

For the 20 or so families who depend on the bridge, there's the worry the concrete might not hold.  Certainly the wooden guard rails don't inspire confidence. Some of the wood is missing, while the rest of it looks rotten. The metal supports for the wood are bent and corroded.

The bridge has been declared unsafe by the Limestone County School system. The bus that used to cross the bridge daily, now waits about a mile up the road for families to bring their kids to the new bus stop.

"Because of the bridge being like it is, it's a very good alternative, but it's also a dangerous area where they're getting on now," says mom Priscilla Baker.

The bridge itself is a worry to the people who have to use it, but they're also concerned garbage trucks or ambulances or other emergency responders might not use the bridge in its current condition.

The concern now combined with consternation.  A county work crew recently did work on Grigsby Ferry road, and they had to cross the bridge to do it. They didn't work on the bridge. 

"This is a county road, and the county should take care of it. They are here to take care of us, and everybody else, and they should fix that bridge. There's a lot of families that could get stuck, or hurt by that bridge," says Priscilla Baker.

The bridge does appear to need significant help, and that's why WHNT News 19 is Taking Action and discussing the situation with Limestone County officials.