Flu Vaccine Matches Well With Flu Strains Seen So Far This Season

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The holiday spirit reaches the halls of the Madison County Health Department, but another season decks these halls – in germs.

Flu season.

Madison County Health Department’s Assistant Health Officer Dr. Debra Williams says, “We’re still seeing some H1N1.  We’re still seeing some B.  We’re seeing some H3N2.”

The significance of those strains?  They can all also be found in this year’s flu vaccine.

Dr. Williams explains, “We’re seeing all the strains that are in the vaccine, so the vaccine should be a good match for what we expect to continue seeing.”

As long as the strains we see match up with the strains the vaccine prepare us for, we’ll be in good shape.

Dr. Williams encourages people to seek out the shot now if they haven’t already.  If you’re between ages 2 and 49, you can also take the flu mist, which is just a nasal spray.

Although the vaccine isn’t the only remedy as we dive into flu season, also blow your nose, wash your hands, and if you feel like you have the flu, don’t try to go to work and infect your coworkers.

The flu season hits its heaviest between January and March.