Drivers Agree, Rough Crossing Needs Help

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - The railroad crossing is on Moore's Mill road between Highway 72 east, and Winchester Road.  There are a couple of things to know, first Moore's Mill road is busy.Second, work was recently done to make the crossing smoother. "It could still be improved. It's still very rough. you have to slow down tremendously if you're going to cross it," says Tommy Simmons, who travels Moore's Mill on a daily basis.

When you watch traffic going over the crossing you notice that a lot of the cars and trucks bounce radically when they pass over the tracks. You also notice that many drivers hit their brakes pretty hard as they approach.  For Thomas Carroll the worry comes from wondering what other drivers are doing. "I slow down when I get to it, because I know it's real dangerous," says Thomas.  He says he hopes that drivers behind him notice he's slowing down, so he doesn't get rear ended.

Drivers who use the crossing also worry about what happens to those who aren't prepared for the rough bounce. "It could scare you. It could make you make an evasive move that you wouldn't make in any other case," says Tommy Simmons.

The bottom line for drivers who go over this rough crossing is that it needs to be smoother. We're taking action and discussing the problem with city and county traffic engineers. The goal, get them to do just a little more work to make this busy crossing smooth enough, that it's not even noticeable.