Tips For Protecting Facebook Privacy

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Recently many Facebook users fell for a hoax promising to protect their status updates. The truth is, there’s no way to get total privacy on social media but there are actually some ways to control who sees what.

The “I declare” post that tricked people this week looked like it was legit – citing laws and other copyright agreements. As CNET Staff Writer Donna Tam explained however, it’s totally unnecessary.

“Facebook already states in its polices that it doesn’t own your content,” Tam said, “You are the creator of your content, you own it.”

Facebook really isn’t after your family photos. It’s after something more valuable – information on how you use the social network, since it can be sold to advertisers.

There are reasons to be concerned about privacy on Facebook though and you can follow a few easy steps to cut down on the number of “risky” posts you put out there.

First, take advantage of visibility options when posting. A little box will let you choose your audience – public, friends only or individuals – each time you post. You just have to remember to select it.

You can also block people and apps by adding them to a restricted list under your privacy settings.

Last but not least, always avoid posting anything that might come back to haunt you. If you don’t want it shared with everyone – keep it off the interwebs.

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