Fayetteville Teen In Court For Preliminary Hearing

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT) – The Lincoln County District Attorney says a truck full of teenagers did not stop to help another teen in need. The district attorney is working to prosecute the driver. The teenager died from his injuries. The driver of the truck, Austin Lockard, appeared at a preliminary hearing.

Lockard’s lawyer and the district attorney for Lincoln County paced around a courtroom for hours. A judge watched and listened to both. The judge had to decide if the case against Lockard should go to a grand jury.

The time was early. Judge Andy Myrick had only one hearing on the docket.

Judge Myrick told the courtroom, “The case is the state of Tennessee versus Austin Lockard.”

Judge Myrick was to decide if a young man starting the end of his teenage years would spend time in front of a jury.

Lincoln County District Attorney Robert Carter believes Lockard let a teenager die.

“We got a victim I am willing to fight for, someone needs to fight for this victim and a young man who certainly didn`t deserve this,” said Carter.

An assistant district attorney told the judge Lockard drove a truck on Tennessee Highway 110, picked up Bradley Durham, allowed Durham to fall out of the moving truck and take one last breath.

The state called on Witnesses. The defense cross-examined.

‘”There were some things said by some witnesses up there that were not the same facts that they had told us previously,” added Carter.

A defense witness did not show up in court. Judge Myrick was not pleased. He sent the case to a grand jury.

“Yes, that is what we wanted. Of course, we don`t like to use the word happy. I`d rather not prosecute anybody for these type things,” added Carter.

The state charged Lockard with reckless endangerment, failure to render aid and aggravated assault. Lockard’s lawyer refused to comment. Lockard and his lawyer are scheduled for court next month. The judge also dropped the charge against a 17 year old.