Rogersville Police Say Serial Bank Robber Strikes Again

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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Rogersville Police are investigating a bank robbery, and they say the suspect is the same man believed to be involved in a string of heists around the Tennessee Valley.

The man robbed Regions Bank on Lee Street, near the intersection of Highway 72 and Wheeler Street, around 4 p.m.

He is believed to be the same man who tried to rob a bank in Cullman on Monday, and is also suspected in recent bank robberies in Albertville, Guntersville, Priceville and Pulaski.

Police say Tuesday afternoon, the man walked up to a teller and asked to make a withdrawal but the man didn't hand over a bank slip.

“He handed her a note [that said], this is a robbery and I have a gun,” said Rogersville Police Chief, Terry Holden.

Detectives say the robbery happened in a matter of just a few minutes for the clerk.  However customers in the bank were not tipped off to the incident, until the man left. 

According to police, the man quietly demanded cash and wouldn't leave until he got what he wanted.

“She came back and he said, ‘No, I want more,’ so she went back and got more,” said Chief Holden.

Police say after the clerk handed over the money, the man quickly ran out of the bank into a wooded area.  K-9 units got on the scene and tracked the man to where police say a getaway car was waiting.

“It’s always concerning anytime you have a robbery,” said Chief Holden.  “This one turned out real good, no one was harmed, but it could go bad, especially when he`s indicating he`s got a weapon.”

Police say officers arrived on scene just 30 seconds after receiving the page.

And police say while the man got away with the money, he didn't get away without a trace.

Detectives dusted for fingerprints and collected evidence from the bank. which they plan to use on their hunt for the suspect.