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Drivers Concerned About Intersection of Joe Quick Road & Hwy. 231

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HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WHNT) - The intersection of Joe Quick Road and Highway 231-431 in Hazel Green is almost always busy.  At peak driving times it's jammed.  That makes the intersection's big problem even more worrisome. "Well the main thing is that the shrubs there at the intersection block your view from the south," says Christy DeCourcy.

Christy uses the intersection every day, but says she certainly doesn't want to. When you pull up to the intersection on Joe Quick and want to legally turn right on red, there is a problem. A line of bushes and a utility pole block the driver's line of sight. It's hard to see oncoming traffic, which of course is dangerous.

"People have to pull too far out in the lane, at least I do, to see the traffic coming from the south," says Christy. That is what happens.  Drivers trying to see oncoming traffic end up pulling up to where they're practically in the traffic flow of 231-431. "It's a danger to turn right on red, I'll just say that," says Christy.

Christy DeCourcy believes anything that's a hindrance to drivers at the intersection is a problem that ought to be fixed, and we agree. We're taking action and discussing the situation with city, county and state officials. We're working to get this problem fixed.