Abandoned And Dangerous: Drivers Face Traffic Hazard

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Driving down the road you may notice abandoned vehicles along the highway, those cars are a hazard to other drivers and have public safety officials asking for your help.

There are several laws covering the removal of motor vehicles by public officials. According to Alabama state law authorities are required to remove vehicles that are either  a menace to traffic, public safety, or public health or apparently abandoned or without proper registration.

Troopers say a vehicle may be removed immediately and stored in a suitable place if it poses an immediate public safety threat.  In the second instance, it may be removed after 24 hours following posting of a notice on the vehicle warning of the impending removal and providing other required information.

Some municipalities may act aggressively when dealing with abandoned vehicles. In Huntsville drivers have a 24 hour window to get their vehicle off the side of the road before it is towed.