Huntsville Planning Commission Approves John Hunt Park Expansion

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Huntsville Planning Commission approved the master plan for expansions to John Hunt Park at its meeting Tuesday night.

Work will begin if the commission can sell the former police academy property that is next to the park.  The project is expected to cost the city $100 million.

"Until the money's in place, it will not go forward, it will not move forward," said Mayor Battle on Tuesday night. "If the property doesn't sell for $7/square foot, nothing will be torn up, nothing will be changed. We will have the same park we have today and we'll look for alternative sources of funding.  We will not get halfway into this and have it stopped so we cannot provide services."

Mayor Tommy Battle has made this initiative a main focus of his new term in office.  The expansion will turn much of the concrete space around Airport Road into greenery.

At the meeting Tuesday night, Mayor Battle also addressed a big concern for soccer parents. He said he will make sure the new soccer fields are open before the existing ones are removed.