Four Suspects Wanted In Rogersville Home Invasion

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - What is normally a quiet neighborhood on the north shore of Wheeler Lake, has now been shaken to its core.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Ronnie Willis says four men broke into this home on Longshore Drive just after midnight.

"They had the time set, what they were going to wear, what they were going to do,” said Willis. “I feel like it was a plan."

Sheriff Willis says the men parked their car up the street from the house and approached the home on foot.

Covered from head to toe, the four men busted into the house while the man who lived there was asleep.

"They went into his room and started hitting him in the face and whipping him. Then they robbed him and took the money that he had, and left," explained Willis.

Sheriff Willis says the beaten man was transported to Athens-Limestone Hospital; a female who was staying in the home was untouched.

Investigators continue to search for possible suspects in the home invasion.

"We have some evidence that we picked up at the scene, so our investigators are working that."

According to Sheriff Willis, he believes the man was targeted, possibly by someone the victim knows.

Sheriff's investigators are looking for a late model Chevrolet Impala that is blue with dark tinted windows.

Investigators say the vehicle was seen in the area just after the home invasion on Longshore Drive.

If you have any information that can help deputies you are urged to call the Shoals Area Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 256-386-8685.