Candelight Vigil Held For Young Men Killed In Wreck

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HUNTLAND, Tn. (WHNT) - Three crosses have been placed in front of Huntland School, in Huntland Tennessee. Wednesday evening, the stadium was packed as hundreds of people from the small Franklin County community came to mourn the three young men who were killed in a fiery car wreck late Sunday night.

Jonah Bradley, 19, Jeff Stewart, 24, and Chad Swafford, 21, died when they and another vehicle wrecked on a dangerous curve in Hazel Green. The young men's vehicle burst into flames.

One passenger, Robert Terpay, survived. The driver of the other vehicle, is in serious condition.

"This has been a very trying and devastating situation for everyone," said Ken Bishop, principal of Huntland School, where the three young men graduated. "We all come together as a family when someone's hurting or someone needs help."

Bishop remembers the young men as unique and talented.

"Jeff was articulate and could do anything, solve any problem. Chad could play any musical instrument. Jonah, was a community child. Everyone knew him, he was the most loving caring man you could ever imagine."

By sheer turnout alone, it is clear how many people were impacted by these young men's lives.

As the candles flickered and heads bowed Wednesday night, the Huntland community is taking one step toward the long process of healing after such a devastating loss.