Shoals Area Crimestoppers: Thief Steals From Sam’s Club

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - Florence Police say a Shoals superstore became a thief's target.

According to investigators, the man was caught on camera breaking into a storage area of Sam's Club.

After taking a minute to scout out the area and to remove items already in the bed of his truck-in order to make room for stolen goods-a man can be seen in the surveillance video backing his pick-up right up to fence.

Detectives say the man made off with a compressor worth more than $500, along with used batteries and tires.

Police say the man cut through the lock to get inside the gate.  Since then, Sam`s Club put on an even thicker lock to keep the man out, but police say they want this thief behind bars.

In this week’s Shoals Area Most Wanted Tuscumbia Police want James Donaldson off the streets.  Investigators say he could be connected to a string of burglaries across the Shoals.

Next, Sheffield Police want Tabetha Bynum behind bars for driving under the influence.

Sheffield detectives say Evan Bryant has a warrant out for his arrest for domestic violence.

If you know where any of these people are you are asked to call the Shoals Area Crimestoppers Tipline at 256-386-8685.  If any of these people are arrested as a result of your call, it could be worth a cash reward.