Salvation Army in Need of Volunteers

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It’s the holiday season and for those less fortunate, the need is great. If you don’t have money to give, you can give of your time. There’s one organization that could definitely use the extra help.

Whether it’s ringing a bell, manning a booth, or stuffing a gift bag, the Salvation Army could use your help.

“We have a total of 3,497 angels,” says Lydia Pennington. “It takes a lot of manpower.”

Pennington is the volunteer coordinator for the Salvation Army serving Huntsville and Madison County. If you can’t afford to adopt an angel, Pennington says there are other ways to get involved.

“We need volunteers to help out with Angel Tree,” says Pennington.

There are Angel Tree booths at both Parkway Place and Madison Square Malls in Huntsville, which must be staffed everyday through December 10th.

“We also need volunteers at our distribution center to arrange all the toys once they come back in,” explains Pennington.

If you enjoy being outdoors, there’s also a volunteer option for you.

“We need volunteer groups to take a day to ring kettles.”

Whether you can help for several days or several hours, you’re encouraged to sign up. Groups are welcome too.

“Sign up for an hour or whatever works for you,” suggests Pennington. “You can invite your family, friends or coworkers to join you.”

Without your generosity, Pennington says it would be impossible to accomplish the Salvation Army’s mission of doing the most good.

Sign up to volunteer with the Salvation Army.