Microwave Egg Muffin Pan a Deal!

(WHNT) - First, I have to confess that I have a weakness for Egg McMuffins at that “Golden Arches” place. Love them.  So, when I stumbled on a product that claimed to let you make them at home, I vaulted to the cash register and ran home to test it.

It’s inexpensive. It only cost $4.99.   Directions come with it, but the most direction-challenged person (insert my picture here) can figure this out.

It comfortably holds one large or two small eggs. You put the egg/eggs in the Egg Muffin Pan for 60 seconds, and it cooks the egg very thoroughly and efficiently.  The thing I really like about it is that the Egg Muffin Pan prepares an egg that is the perfect size for an English muffin.

It’s a fun kitchen gadget and I like it. We make the Egg Muffin Pan a “Deal.”


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