Taking Action: Long Lines Back Up Voting

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Lines backed up voting significantly in many locations on Tuesday.  At Oakwood University Church, it took many people over two hours to cast their ballot.

So WHNT News 19 took action to get you answers on why the lines were so long.

Here's what we found out.

Every ten years, the census helps divide up precincts.  

Oakwood University Church absorbed two other polling places since the last presidential election.

The church was chosen because it is easily handicap accessible and has sufficient parking.    

However, officials acknowledge there's work to do here.

Madison County Probate Judge Tommy Ragland says, "We'll critique this election and try to improve on it and let all the voters have a good voting experience and get in to vote and get out as quick as possible."

Most of the changes that will get made will impact what goes on inside the polling place.

Ragland explains, "We take a look at the way the inspector maybe had the set up for the lines, how the polling list was divided, how many divisions were made of the polling list.  We'll just take a look at the whole process."

However, Oakwood University Church will also have its merits weighed.  

Ragland mentions the possibility that polls could move somewhere else on campus.