Lauderdale County Registrar’s Office Confirms Voter Complaints, Addresses Issue

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FLORENCE, Ala. – (WHNT)  Dozens of University of North Alabama students say they were turned away from the polls on Election Day.

Several complained to the Lauderdale County Registrar’s Office.

However, officials at the Registrar’s Office say new rules to the voting system may make it easier for voter registrations to slip through the cracks.

Trey Edwards was one of those students turned away at the polls Tuesday. 

“When that`s allowed to happen, we`re no longer a democracy and that`s the worst thing that could happen to this country,” said Edwards.

Edwards was told he wasn’t on the voter list, however the UNA freshman claims he switched his registration at a voter drive on campus, along with hundreds of other students.

“I explained my situation,” Edwards said about going to the Registrar’s Office.  “They asked who registered me to vote, I said her name and they said we know exactly what you`re talking about, we have a guy in the back dealing with all these.”

The Lauderdale County Registrar’s Office confirms it is looking into a case where a woman turned in more than 1,000 voter registrations.  However, officials believe some were not turned in as promised to the students.

“They were so inundated with calls from college students who went to the polls who were not able to vote,” said Edwards.

The Lauderdale County Registrar’s Office tells WHNT News 19, it now has very little control over voter registration drives.

According to the Registrar, certification use to be required before people could sign voters up. But now, anyone can print off the forms, and have people fill out the paperwork.  However, since there’s little regulation, the registrar says, the person on the other end of the form may not realize they were registered incorrectly until they head to the polls.

“When someone circumvents those rules and doesn`t allow us to vote, it basically makes that fight meaningless,” said Edwards.

The Registrar says this same issue has come up in the past and the office must now decide whether the person at the center of this alleged voting controversy, will face any consequences.