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Understanding the Amendments: Amendments 9 & 10, Editorial Changes

(WHNT) – One of the unique aspects of Alabama’s 1901 Constitution is necessity of perpetually amending it to alter state law.

With over 800 amendments, the letter of the law can get pretty complicated.

As such, sometimes steps are taken to simplify the language of the state constitution, though due to the quirks of the document, this can only be done through more amendments.

WHNT News 19’s Political Analyst Dr. Jess Brown explains Amendments Nine and Ten are simply editorial changes.

They remove what is known as “dead letter” language.  Essentially, the language is out of date and no longer enforced.

For example, Amendment Ten changes the language regarding banking regulation, but Dr. Brown says much of the language being removed would not even apply to a 21st century banking institution.

Amendments Nine and Ten are particularly dense in wording, but they simply list the outdated language that will be scrubbed from the state constitution.

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