Understanding The Amendments: Amendments 3, 5 & 11

(WHNT) - We've covered amendments with sweeping impacts, symbolic impacts, and even no legal impact.  But what about the ones with hyper local impacts?

"Amendments 3, 5, and 11 on your ballot are what we call local Constitutional amendments," said Dr. Jess Brown.  "Even if they pass, they do not apply statewide."

So if you find your ballot box in a community not specifically listed by an amendment, you're immune to its impact no matter how you vote.

That leads Dr. Brown to this recommendation to heed at the ballot box.

"My advice to my students and to my fellow Alabamians is when you see one of these amendments that applies only to a local area, simply do not vote on that amendment unless you live in that county," he said.

To put it simply, voters in the affected areas will simply know more about what they're voting on.  Besides, it's their lives that will be impacted.

Dr. Brown suggests you do them courtesy of letting them make the choice.

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