Cloverdale School Stays In Community, Fire Department Buys Building

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - News that a Lauderdale County School was closing down, hit hard in the small community.

However, just months after closing its doors, Cloverdale School will be renovated and revitalized.

Since enrollment dropped at the school, the doors closed.

The building served as a reminder to residents of what use to be, but this community icon will soon get new life.

“Everybody we talked to said go for it, so we’re going for it,” said Cloverdale Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Dwight Bogus.

The Cloverdale Volunteer Fire Department needed a place to expand and a move to the old school building came as an easy decision.

“Since they closed the school down, that’s a bad thing for it to be gone, and we felt like too that it should stay in the community and be used for the community  and hopefully that’s what we’re gonna do for it,” said Bogus.

Bogus has no plans to demolish the building.  Instead, he wants to accommodate the fire engines, while preserving the legacy. 

The fire department plans to keep the playground equipment and use it as a park for families.  The firefighters also want to put in a walking trail, to enhance the area.