Local Runners Wait For Word About NYC Marathon

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - Sandy's destructive path did not include any part of Alabama, but the storms' effects are still having an impact on some people in our area.

Local runners who were planning on heading to the New York Marathon this coming weekend are now on pins and needles, with race organizers still tentatively planning to hold the race on Sunday.

On Tuesday morning, New York Marathon officials posted an advisory saying the race was still on, but to stay tuned for further updates. The 26.2-mile course does not pass through the heavily flooded sections of Lower Manhattan. However, there are concerns about whether enough runners and workers will be able to even make it to New York.

Madison resident Jim Clemens has been training for the NYC Marathon since late spring, and is scheduled to fly to New York on Friday.

"I'm a little nervous that it might be cancelled," said Clemens, who completes his workouts before sunrise, logging as much as 87 miles per week.  "Logistically, I'm not sure at this point how they can keep the marathon going... One minute you're sitting there thinking how it's impacting you personally, that you might not be able to run the race. Then you start to look at some of the stuff on the internet, pictures, lives lost. You kind of realize it's a bigger picture than just for me."

Around 47,000 runners are scheduled to participate in this year's New York Marathon, considered one of the major running events in the world. Many of those runners and their supporters use the city's subway system on race day, which remains closed indefinitely.