Franklin County Father Accused Of Hurting His Child

RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A Russellville father is accused of hurting his own child.

The three-month-old baby has been removed from the home and is still recovering from his injuries.

An ambulance responded to a home in Russellville and police say the father called 911.  However, now he finds himself at the center of a criminal investigation.

“All these cases that involve infants and small children are terrible, and we can't understand why anybody would do this type of thing,” said Russellville Police Chief, Chris Hargett.

Police say evidence shows 23-year-old Jacinto Castro Zacarias severely shook his baby.

According to investigators, the father told police the baby stopped breathing and Zacarais says he tried to revive the toddler.

According to police, Zacarais used a pillow to show officials with the Department of Human Resources how he shook the baby, but investigators say the story doesn't add up.

“The doctors have told us, there's no other way for these injuries to have offered other than shaken baby,” said Hargett.

The baby was rushed to Russellville Hospital, and then to Keller Hospital.  However, doctors say his injuries were so severe, the boy had to be treated at the Children's Hospital in Birmingham.

According to police, the baby had bleeding on his brain.

“It's very dangerous, and luckily this child is probably going to survive,” said Hargett.

Investigators say Zacarais was looking after the baby, while the child's mother was at work.

The baby is now in protective custody.

Zacarais is charged with aggravated child abuse.

Police say the evidence in this case will be turned over to the grand jury.

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