Six Murders Still Under Investigation; No Arrests Yet

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Law enforcement officials at the scene on B.H. Reeves Road in Hazel Green, where a body was found Tuesday morning. (Photo: David Kumbroch, WHNT News 19)

(WHNT) – Law enforcement agents say they are looking for more than one person as they investigate the murders of six people in Madison County, Alabama and Lincoln County, Tennessee.

They have not released any information about those suspects, and have remained tight-lipped as they work to piece together any clues.

Officials have linked the two crime scenes in Tennessee together, but say there is no connection between the investigations in Lincoln County and the investigation on Ortega Circle in Huntsville.

On Monday morning, three people were found dead in a home on Huntsville Highway in southern Lincoln County.  The victims have been identified as Chabreya Campbell, 22, her 18-month old son, Rico Ragland, and another woman, Amber McCaulley.  Campbell’s other son, 3-year-old Vincent Crutcher, was not hurt.  There’s no word yet on how the victims died.  Their bodies have been sent to the medical examiner for autopsies.

Later Monday, a woman was found dead in a home at 4 Fox Wood Drive in Fayetteville. She has been identified as Jessica Brown, 21.  Her two-month-old son was found in the home unharmed.  No word yet on how Brown died, either. 

Early Tuesday morning, a man was shot in the chest on Ortega Circle in Huntsville. The shooting happened about 1 a.m.  The victim, Jeffrey Lamar Pope, died. 

Around 8 a.m. Tuesday, a Huntsville Utilities crew found the body of a black male on B.H. Reeves Road in Hazel Green.  Madison County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Chris Stephens said they identified that person as Warren Vincent Crutcher.

Warren Vincent Crutcher

Crutcher had been identified as a person of interest, but Chief Deputy Stephens said Crutcher was never named a suspect, just someone they were looking for.

Crutcher was the father of Vincent Crutcher, Chabreya Campbell’s surviving son, and the live-in boyfriend of Jessica Brown.

Several agencies are working this case, including the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Huntsville Police, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Marshals.

WHNT News 19 is working on more angles today.  We will continue to press for answers and update you on, social media, and in our newscasts.