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911 Call: Lincoln County Murders

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tn. (WHNT) - The chilling 911 call made moments before the discovery of three bodies inside a home near the state line has been released, and the woman who made that call is speaking out exclusively to WHNT News 19.

A woman called 911 to report she had received several calls from her best friend's 3-year-old son, at 3264 Huntsville Highway.  She went to check on him, but couldn't get in the house, and couldn't get her friend to come to the door.

The woman's mother and cousin were there with her, and the dispatcher urged her to wait in the car until deputies got there.  The woman expressed concern about the boy, who was crying.

The boy was able to open the garage door enough to slip out, according to the woman who placed the 911 call. She says she saw blood in the garage and knew something horrible had happened.

According to family members the young boy was placed in child protective services.