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Preseason College Basketball Poll Released


The first USA Today College Basketball coaches poll is released including three teams from the SEC. Here’s a look at the top 25.

No. 1 Indiana

No. 2 Louisville

No. 3 Kentucky

No. 4 Ohio State

No. 5 Michigan

No. 6 North Carolina State

No. 7 Kansas 

No. 8 Duke

No. 9 Syracuse

No. 10 Florida

No. 11 Arizona 

No. 12 North Carolina

No. 13 UCLA 

No. 14 Michigan State

No. 15 Creighton

No. 16 Memphis

No. 17 Missouri

No. 18 Baylor

No. 19 UNLV

No. 20 San Diego State

No. 21 Wisconsin 

No. 22 Gonzaga

No. 23 Notre Dame

No. 24 (tie) Florida State

No. 24 (tie) Texas


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