Burglaries Continue at Boaz Golf Club

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BOAZ, Ala. (WHNT) -- Boaz police say they can tell the holiday season is nearing, as burglaries and thefts start to pick up.

Chief Terry Davis said one local business seems to be a regular target:  Boaz Golf Club.

For the past years, police responded to a call about a burglary at the course at least every 60 days, if not monthly.

"We either get a report of a cart being stolen or an expensive set of clubs and that happened again sometime overnight this week," Davis said.

The victim claimed at least $1,300 worth of golf clubs taken in this incident.

A couple of months ago, officers arrested a man they say was responsible for breaking into cart sheds and stealing several sets of clubs and at least one golf cart.

"He had played down there several times and some folks recognized him and during another investigation his name came up and we were able to recover it and charge him," Chief Davis said.

Officers recovered several golf carts, but most clubs are never found.

"We don't know if they're taken them to trade day, traded them for drugs, sold them, there's no telling where they're going anyway," Davis said.

He said it is hard for course management to monitor all the units, and thieves try to cover up their tracks to make it appear to other golfers and workers that nothing happened.

"If they cut a lock they might put another lock on there and then when the folks go to get their golf cart out to go play a round of golf or something, they're thinking, hey, this is not my lock, I can't get into it," he said.

Davis advises all golfers to go by and check their units as soon as possible.

He also encourages golfers to consider taking their clubs with them instead of leaving them locked in units at the golf course, and to remember to always lock your doors.