Madison Police Install Security Cameras in Public Parks


Lewd images and graphic language painted on Madison city parks have police looking for a new method of catching the vandals.

Lieutenant Damian Williams, spokesman for the department, says there isn’t an upswing in vandalism in the city, rather concern from citizens has made them realize it’s an issue worth cracking down on.

“Families don’t want to take their children in the parks and look at it,” said Williams. “Not to mention it’s their tax dollars being used to go in and clean up the mess.”

Most recently graffiti was found all over the Mill Creek Dog Park. They’ve since cleaned the symbols off the signs, but graffiti is still plastered on a nearby bridge.

Police say they don’t believe the vandalism to be the work of gangs.

“It’s just an irresponsible individual who doesn’t have respect for other people’s property or public property,” said Williams.

Williams says the department will soon install video cameras in the parks. He says they don’t anticipate installing them in every single park. Instead they will move the few cameras they have to target different areas.

“We hope that just the threat of getting caught on camera will be enough to dissuade any vandals.”

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