‘A Smile For Troops’ Sends Thank You Boxes From Home Front

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - At least 200 boxes of goodies are headed to Afghanistan.  The boxes have been prepared by a  Huntsville group called A Smile For Troops.

Project Coordinator Kiley Kinzer-Henry says the boxes include many items that would, hopefully, perk up a soldier’s day.

“They include a lot of fun things like Capri Suns. We have Halloween goody bags filled with candy, toys, and homemade treats from the Huntsville Center for Technology.”

The program has grown. Kinzer-Henry sent 36 boxes to Afghanistan in 2009. She started the project because of something her husband told her when he was deployed.

“I got involved cause when my husband got deployed, I sent him so many things, cause everyone wanted to send him things, and he said you sent me so many things I gave some away cause some people aren't getting things from home,” she said.

That floored Kinzer-Henry.  From that revelation, the project was born.

The mailing to Afghanistan costs about $1,000, and the group tries to do five a year.  So the group “A Smile for Troops” needs all the help they can get.  To learn more about the effort and offer a hand, visit http://www.asmilefortroops.com.


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